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Coaching Philosophy 

Despite what you might think Ultra Running training does not have to be a grind, you DO NOT need to run excessively or push your body to breaking point to improve your overall performance, athleticism, health and happiness. By using training principles based on actual scientific research and study, I will help you become the best athlete you can be in a sustainable, stress free and supportive environment.

My coaching follows the below principles:

  • Truly caring about you as a person, not just an athlete or your workout data

  • Regular introspective exercises and discussions to help you move through roadblocks and self-limiting beliefs

  • Focus on overall health (physical and mental), not just pure performance

  • Helping to have a journey and adventure-based mindset to your running and performance

  • Specificity of training – least specific training further away from the event, most specific close to the event – this will ensure you are fully prepared and in the best condition for your event

  • Variable training so that you are training smarter and not more

  • Overload principle of training in order to create adaptations, followed by sufficient recovery periods – proven methodology for increasing the performance of the adaptation we are trying to help you achieve e.g. lactic threshold, aerobic endurance etc.

  • Every athlete is unique, you will get a fully customised training plan specific for your goals, strengths and weaknesses, time availability and based on your feedback and response to the training. There are no copy and paste training programs

  • Every aspect of ultra-running performance will be trained and covered – gear, nutrition and hydration, pacing, hiking/power walking, hill training, mental preparation, sleep etc. There will be no surprises come race day

  • Every single athlete is of the same value, no matter how fast you move, you are a unique and amazing human being first and foremost and you will be treated with the utmost respect and care from both the whole Clift Athletics community

  • We are a diverse community and welcome every person no matter their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs

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